God Loves Me

As if to definitely prove my last post, a nothing short of awesome poll out of Iowa was just released:

A new Research 2000 poll in Iowa shows John Edwards and Sen. Barack Obama tied among likely Democratic caucus voters with 22% each. Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack trails with 12%, followed by Sen. Hillary Clinton at just 10%. All other potential candidates are in the single digits.

Obama is now the frontrunner. His name recognition among Iowa Democrats is a fraction of that of Clinton, Edwards and Vilsack. And he’s tied for first place with nary a campaign visit (note that Edwards has been working the state all of this past year). If this keeps up, Iowa is Obama’s to lose. And if he scores a victory by several points or more, the nomination is his to lose as well – recall that a 5.8% margin of victory in Iowa guaranteed Kerry the nomination. And while Edwards is clearly still in the running (if a tier below Obama), this should prove that Hillary is truly a paper tiger. Why she’s dubbed the frontrunner when she’s a non-presence in the first and most important primary contest is beyond me.

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