Silly Speculation

This is all manners of stupid:

So who will it be in 2008? My guess is Jim Webb. Webb is not well suited to the manners of the U.S. Senate. And as his incident with Bush this week demonstrates, he’s deadly serious about ending this war and if others aren’t willing to stick out their neck on Iraq, he could feel compelled to do it himself. Plus, Mark Warner’s exit from the race creates a vacuum for another Southern candidate to compete with John Edwards.

Um…no. Jim Webb won by 0.4% of the vote against an incumbent who lead by 10-20% at the beginning of the race and would have stayed there had he not systematically ruined his campaign, gaffe by deadly gaffe. Webb will have only had two years in elected office of any kind by 2008. Webb has numerous skeletons in his closet, including borderline anti-Semitic negative campaigning against his primary rival, raging sexism about women in the military, usage of racial slurs, and, of course, those novel passages. And if that weren’t enough, he has no charisma of which to speak. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

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