This past summer, when I was reading The One Percent Doctrine on a flight from Amsterdam to Boston, I was struck by a passage describing an encounter between Brent Scowcroft and Dick Cheney, in which Scowcroft proposed integrating the intelligence services by having them funnel their raw data and analyses into a big library which policymakers, counter-terror agents and others could then access. I thought this was a spectacular idea, especially considering how good – and simple – a solution it would provide to the multitude of problems the book described in the intelligence apparatus. But I thought the idea of a “library” was antiquated, and thought that perhaps a password-protected version of Wikipedia would be a better plan. Via Alex Tabarrok, I’m ecstatic to see that the CIA had the same thought. Let’s just hope they actually use it, rather than throwing it to the side in favor of, say, Offices of Special Plans.

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