Wars I Supported

Kevin asks:

So: which wars did you support? Any of them? None of them? Some of them? Does it make sense to support a politician who appears to have the same judgment about these things that you do? It’s obviously not the only thing you should look at, but it seems like it ought to be one of the things.

In order:

  • American Revolution: Support – it’s really hard to think of a world without it.
  • 1812: No, but maybe that’s just my Anglophilia for you.
  • Various Indian Wars: No. I also dislike the Holocaust. True story.
  • Mexican: No, but it’s nice to have California.
  • Civil: Yes – by which I mean I would have liked the North to start it sooner. And win.
  • Spanish-American: No. Seriously, does anyone actually believe the Spanish sunk the Maine anymore? And is there anyone who thinks that a war launched from such a dishonest premise is at all justifiable?
  • WWI: I just watched La Grand Illusion, so no.
  • Spanish Civil War: Yes (it seems reasonable to point out instances in which my desire for intervention wasn’t fulfilled).
  • WWII: Yes. Again, about disliking the Holocaust.
  • Korea: Yes, but MacArthur was a nutjob and we should have stopped at the DMZ to begin with.
  • Vietnam: What do you think?
  • Grenada: Yes. Maurice Bishop wasn’t too great a guy, and it was easy enough.
  • Panama: Same as Grenada. Any time we can take out a dictator without totally destabilizing the country he was ruling is much appreciated.
  • Gulf War: Yes. It was important in warming relations between the US and the soon-to-be Russian Federation. Also, allowing Hussein to attack Gulf States with impunity would have set a very bad precedent. For that matter, intervening in 1988 after Halabja wouldn’t have been a bad idea, providing we provided adequate support to the Shi’ites to support a rebellion and got out in a timely manner. It would have been right after the Iran-Iraq war ended, so we could have exploited Hussein’s drop in popularity.
  • Rwanda: Yes – we should have bombed the radio stations broadcasting murder orders and provided air support for the RPF.
  • Bosnia: Yes – earlier and more aggressively.
  • Kosovo: Hells yes.
  • Afghanistan: Preferably not, but it seemed unavoidable.
  • Iraq: Hells no.
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