Andy’s Capitulation

Andy Sullivan is defending some bigot fired from a minor board in Maryland for being a bigot. Good grief. Yeah, I guess I wish the guy could stay in office even though he’s an anti-gay idiot. First Amendment and all. But that doesn’t mean I sympathize with him, or think his opinions deserve the sort of acceptance/respect that Andy treats them with. It’s just like I’m sort of grudgingly glad it’s legal to be a racist in America. But that doesn’t mean I think it’s at all respectable to be a racist, or that I have any sympathy with a racist is fired for hating black people. And it doesn’t mean that I’m not eternally grateful that the Southern Poverty Law Center is around to sue hate groups out of existence.
But while Andy’s pseudo-self-hatred (I guess he’s anti-anti-anti himself: he’s against those who are against those who are against him) is confusing and sad, Eugene Volokh’s defense of the guy is just plain mind-boggling, like many of the things Volokh writes. Volokh thinks that homophobia is better than racism because he likes the Boy Scouts. I’m not even kidding. That’s the entirety of his argument. He’s a smart guy, but it just doesn’t show at times.

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