Direct Democracy In Action

As someone who, like de Tocqueville and Lippmann, is deeply worried about the risks of overly-direct democracy, I’m not a fan of the referendum system. But it seems like it could work in South Dakota:

An abortion rights group Tuesday submitted more than twice the number of the signatures needed to hold a statewide vote in November on whether to repeal South Dakota’s ban on abortion.
The Legislature earlier this year passed the strictest abortion law in the nation, banning all abortions except those necessary to save a woman’s life. The law, scheduled to take effect July 1, makes no exceptions for rape or incest.

Via LG&M (two years and going strong, guys). Most polling suggests this will pass. 57% of South Dakotans oppose the ban, whereas 35% support it. Of course, this means the the National Right to Life Committee, the Christian Coalition, etc. will be focusing heavily on South Dakota this fall, which may change public opinion (this kind of lobbying is what makes me more comfortable when courts deal with these things). But the prospects for an overturn are high, which is comforting.

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