Hitch Would Be Proud

Oh sweet God:

Paris Hilton is thrilled to be playing Mother Teresa in an upcoming biopic.
The hotel heiress has been approached by award-winning director T Rajeevnath, who is convinced that she will be a huge success…
Hilton explained, “It’s such an honour. I’m so excited. I really want to learn more about this amazing woman, so that’s what I’m doing in a few months.”
In preparation for the role, Paris is apparently joining the Order of Mother Teresa missionaries, and will travel around Bangalore and Calcutta to care for the sick.

Look, if she’s actually going to do charity work, and not just slack off, get high, and hit on Indian guys, that’s great. I suppose. If I were a poor Calcuttan, I’d prefer not getting medicated than receiving medical help from Paris @!$# Hilton, but that’s just me. But she shouldn’t be allowed to request that people pay $7 to see her pretend to be serious. That’s just cruel. She should either quit now, or else do what George Clooney does when people tell him they saw Batman and Robin in theaters, and paid money to do so: give them a ten.

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