SOTU Live-blog

10:26 PM – It’s done. It’s okay, but good where it needed to be good – hitting Bush from the right on national security, using religious undertones, not being too mean. Nice.
10:25 PM – Ooh, nice religious rhetoric there.
10:22 PM – This part is actually quite good – he’s slaughtering Bush on national security issues.
10:21 PM – It’s just all so predictable. And so Mr. Rogers-y. But concise, which is good.
10:19 PM – He just sounds so nice. Even when he’s criticizing Bush. It’s so disconcerting.
10:17 PM – Really pushing the technocratic angle.
10:16 PM – Finally, it’s Tim Kaine time. Except that he sounds like Mr. Rogers. A lot like Mr. Rogers. Especially the missionary talk.
10:05 PM – Thank GOD it’s over. Now for Tim Kaine’s response.
10:04 PM – We could have accepted the division of Europe? We did. It’s called Yalta.
10:03 PM – We did nothing to invite ourselves into conflict in the Middle East? Moussadeq would beg to differ.
10:02 PM – Oh, that’s where he was moving – churches can end AIDS. Take that, Constitution!
10:01 PM – Focus on increasing access to AIDS medication. Easy clap fodder.
10:00 PM – He’s actually plugging his work of lobbying reform, and now Katrina? Oh, COME ON. This is too easy.
9:58 PM – He wants to ban human/animal hybrids? But I want a man-koala!
9:57 PM – Plugs Roberts and Alito. Complains that judges enforce the Constitution too much. Has a moment for Sandra Day O’Connor.
9:56 PM – We have proven the pessimists wrong? I think the last year says different.
9:55 PM – Yay, abstinence education! Yay, total ineffectiveness!
9:53 PM – Actually, focusing on increasing international competitiveness is a good idea, for a number of reason. I don’t have high hope for Bush’s proposals, of course.
9:50 PM – Okay, maybe some actual non-demented proposal to eliminate the need for foreign oil.
9:49 PM – Oh, fun, nuclear energy. And coal. Real safe fuels, those. NO! Hydrogen economy! Evil! ETHANOL! WORSE! KILL ME NOW!!!!
9:48 PM – It seems like every improvement he wants in the health care system would have greater benefits, more easily, with single-payer.
9:47 PM – Yes, let’s watch him get destroyed on health care!
9:44 PM – I love Hillary Clinton, and I love every Democrat who applauded when he said we “failed to act on my plan to save Social Security”.
9:43 PM – Yes, line-item veto! An actual good idea.
9:41 PM – I’m going to cut 140 programs to totally destroy the welfare state! Boo-yeah! And only save $14 billion!
9:40 PM – Fair taxes are “economic retreat”? Quoi?
9:37 PM – I’m actually sympathetic to the idea of American hegemony, so I don’t object to what he’s saying here so much.
9:36 PM – Al-Qaeda loves warrants, don’t they?
9:35 PM – NSA surveillance would have prevented 9/11, according to Bush. I’m sure that cameras in the streets would fight crime as well. Not a good idea, though.
9:33 PM – So, withdrawing from Iraq means we can’t fight AIDS or drugs or slavery? That makes a lot of sense, that.
9:31 PM – He’s talking about Iran: calling them terrorist sponsors, radical theocrats, nuclear threat – all true. Not so subtly asks Iranian people to revolt. Like his word will make them.
9:29 PM – Gets plenty of claps, especially from Joe Lieberman, on the Hamas issue.
9:28 PM – It seems this whole military segment is due to either Cindy Sheehan, Paul Hackett, or both.
9:27 PM – Great: his speechwriters can’t write for themselves, so they copy a Marine’s letter home.
9:26 PM – He’s clearly pleased with himself. For using half-baked, year-old talking points.
9:25 PM – “Second-guessing is not a strategy”. Sounds like words from a dictator.
9:24 PM – Oh, so the military decides when we leave? Because that‘s democracy.
9:23 PM – Is he seriously saying that the Iraqi government is making progress? That we’re winning? When the majority block organizes genocidal militias, that’s failure, not victory.
9:21 PM – He’s calling withdrawal isolationism? C’mon, call it common sense.
9:20 PM – Flypaper theory? Geez, this speech is stale.
9:19 PM – Good, he praises Islam. Watch LGF gag.
9:18 PM – This seems like the kind of speech Glenn Reynolds or Charles Johnson would have given a year ago. Isn’t the “Cedar Revolution” a, er, bust?
9:17 PM – Democratic peace theory rhetoric. After Hamas, not so convincing.
9:16 PM – Already a 9/11 reference. I think that’s a record.
9:15 PM – Good, he’s talking about free trade and internationalism. Credit where credit is due.
9:14 PM – Geez, he‘s talking about civility in debate? In front of Dick “Go F**k Yourself” Cheney?
9:13 PM – Oh, c’mon. Suck up some more on the Coretta Scott King thing.
9:12 PM – I. Hate. His. Voice. So. Much.
9:10 PM – GAH! CNN is a complete tool of the president. Dismissed charges of cronyism out of hand.
9:07 PM – Here he comes…
9:02 PM – It’s so disconcerting to see Alito as a justice. At least Roberts looks respectable enough.
8:59 PM – CNN’s doing a quite atrocious hagiography.
8:57 PM – Let’s do this thing.

4 thoughts on “SOTU Live-blog

  1. I’m with you on 9:12. I noticed about 20 years ago that I had to leave the room when the President was on TV or on the radio. It has usually been like that ever since, even for the Presidential nominees.

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