More Bernstein Idiocy

He proves himself wrong on the Israel checkpoint issue:

Next time you hear someone criticizing Israel’s “checkpoints” for Palestinians, think about this: a surprise checkpoint set up Thursday prevented an Islamic Jihad terrorist from blowing up a children’s Hanukkah party in Tel Aviv. The checkpoints have many harsh consequences on innocent Palestinians, but the blame for these hardships lies with the terrorists who try to infiltrate Israel to murder innocents. And it shouldn’t need pointing out, but it unfortunately does, that before Palestinian terrorists starting using suicide bombings in response to the Oslo peace agreement West Bank and Gaza Palestinians could come and go from Israel and within the territories rather freely, with over 100,000 Palestinians working in Israel proper (for much better wages than they could receive at home) daily.

Yes – and because they no longer get those great wages, they have to rely on welfare. And because the Palestinian Authority is too corrupt to dispense welfare, Hamas does. And thus, suicide terrorism increases. So, checkpoints increase both Palestinian poverty, and suicide terrorism. Good policy, that.

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