Bad News About Sudan

Isn’t it all, nowadays? Here’s one piece:

According to the Associated Press, Egyptian authorities broke up a Sudanese refugees’ protest in a Cairo park Friday, killing ten. I presume this is the encampment outside the Mustafa Mahmoud Mosque in Mohandiseen against the UNHCR’s management of the refugee crisis. The refugees wanted resettlement in the West rather than to return to Sudan, where if they’re like the Sudanese I met in Cairo they fear the peace deal will be fleeting. True to the form they established during the elections, the government claims the Sudanese instigated the violence.

The last time something like this happened in the U.S. (Kent State), there was widespread outrage for weeks. But I suppose this doesn’t count to the American public, because Sudanese people aren’t American. Gah. Anyway, the refugee problem is certain to worsen now that Sudan’s officially at war with Chad:

Chad says it is in “a state of war” with neighbour Sudan over the security crisis in the east of the country.
It accuses Sudan of being the “common enemy of the nation” after a Chadian rebel attack on a town last week.
In a statement, the government calls on Chadians to mobilise themselves against Sudanese aggression.

Hopefully, the Chadian forces will at least partially stop the Janjaweed from continuing its genocide. I doubt it, however. Which is why a multinational force, either through the U.N. (as in Korea) or NATO (as in Kosovo), is the only way to stop the genocide. For the force to have any force, however, it’ll need a large contribution from the United States, which would require a partial pullout from Iraq. Not a bad idea to begin with, but this simply necessitates it.

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