Bull Moose Blues

Very few bloggers annoy me as much as Marshall Wittmann. Part of it’s superficial; referring to himself in the third person, and through a self-appointed, laudatory nickname, is really irritating. But moreover, he always seems to embrace centrism for the sake of centrism, so that he can complain about how Democrats don’t see how obvious it is that the U.S. should focus all of its foreign policy on one mildly consequential terrorist group, and how Republicans, well, er, well let’s just say that he refrains from criticism of any and all Republicans. And what’s funniest about his writing is that it so often debunks itself. See this post, via Matt Yglesias:

The Moose would readily sign up for the Democratic Party of FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ and Scoop. Alas, it doesn’t exist and there is no sign that it will return anytime soon. And it is hard to believe that any of those great Democrats would recognize their party.

Emphasis mine. What do JFK, LBJ, and Scoop have in common? Oh, that’s right, they helped start and expand U.S. involvement in Vietnam. The Moose seems to admire their hawkishness for its own sake, totally forgetting the horrible consequences of it. That’s the same thing that irritates me about his support for the war in Iraq today; he seems like he wants to be a hawk, so he supports any and all wars that are proposed, ignoring the critical details. It shows an intellectual laziness and poseur status that’s just embarrassing.

1 thought on “Bull Moose Blues

  1. I was also annoyed by Whitmann, but it’s unfair to say he never criticizes Republicans. He’s criticized Bush plenty for the tortured scandals, Schiavo, DeLay, and host of other screw ups.
    What stood out for me in the Bullmooses’ year end review is the high standard of proof that he thinks Democrats should adhere to before they can legitimately point to constitutional abuses by the President. Apparently, the Bill of Rights is no longer a pre-emptive document, laying out the do’s and dont’s of government. We have to wait for the smoking gun before we can call the President on abuse of power. Pre-emptive wars are another thing, though.

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