Today’s News

So, Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination. I heard this much later than anyone else did; in fact, someone called me at about 5:30 to tell me. Of course, as soon as I knew, I had to tell everyone around me. That’s just how cool I am. Anyway, this could be good news or bad news. We’re basically guaranteed that Bush will be shamed into providing a much more qualified nominee. And as he’s replacing Sandra Day O’Connor, he’ll probably want a woman. Perhaps a minority. So, a highly-qualified, minority female…my God! He might nominate Janice Rogers Brown! Well, probably not; as I said before, even Bush isn’t that crazy, and as he’s expanded more than his fair share of entitlements, her anti-government-spending views might not sit well with him. So I think we’re safe in that regard. But whoever it is, they’ll probably be more reliably conservative than Miers, to assuage the as-of-recently rebellious base. While that’s something to be worried about, I’d be willing to take a halfway-competent conservative over Miers.
The withdrawal was likely driven by Karl Rove, and as such is likely the last important political decision he’ll ever make. The grand jury’s term is up tomorrow, and is going to indict someone, most likely Rove. It also appears that Scooter Libby will get hit with more charges than Rove, including the actual charge being investigated in the first place (that is, outing a covert operative). And with more and more of the investigation centered around Cheney’s office, I don’t think it’s that unlikely that he’ll be indicted as well. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before; Spiro Agnew was indicted while in office, and forced to resign as a result. Judging as Bush and Cheney are just as, if not more, corrupt than Nixon and Agnew, they’d certainly deserve that. But back to my point. The fact is that Bush’s safety net, his main advisors, what’s keeping him functioning – it’s falling apart, thanks to the criminal justice system. Without Cheney or Rove to help him, I can’t imagine how Bush could possibly function for a minute. This means one of two things – either he gives up, resigns, and leaves the presidency to either whoever he picked as Cheney’s replacement or Dennie Hastert (neither a pleasant option), or he tries to keep governing and destroys the country further in the process. Whatever happens, it’s not going to be pretty.
P.S. Oh, and it seems that Plamegate isn’t the only thing that Rove has to worry about.

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