Matt Yglesias is just having a field day with Brio, Focus on Family’s teenage publication. It’s all hilarious stuff, bordering on creepy; all I know is that I’d want someone to kill me if I ever wrote this, a letter to Brio‘s advice columnist:

Dear Susie:
I’m a 17-year-old guy who’s doing his best to pursue God’s plan for purity. I want to say something to Christian girls that they might not realize: The way you dress really does affect guys.
Modesty isn’t some outdated, legalistic rule from the early church. When you wear revealing clothing, you’re adding fuel to the forbidden fire of lust in a guy’s mind that he’s trying so hard to put out.
As men of God — and brothers in Christ — we Christian guys are commanded to respect you and to be pure with our thoughts, eyes and actions. But it would help us so much if you, as our sisters, would really think about how the way you dress influences us.
McAllen, Texas

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