Saw it this afternoon. If you haven’t seen it yet, as is likely the case, do so now. Stand up, step away from the computer, and go to the nearest theater showing it. Now. See, it’s not just ridiculously good sci-fi, it’s also an anti-imperialist (more specifically, anti-Iraq-war) treatise. So no wonder liberal bloggers are lapping it up. I wasn’t even that big of a Buffy/Firefly nut, and I loved it. So, yeah. About that leaving the computer.

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

Usually, when a corrupt scumbag resigns from a leadership post, he’s supposed to be replaced by someone with just a bit of integrity. Turns out that the House Republican leadership didn’t exactly do that. Roy Blunt:

  • Divorced his wife to marry a tobacco lobbyist.
  • Has a tobacco/shipping industry lobbyist as his son and has repeatedly worked for this son’s (and his wife’s) interests, which violates both House rules and federal law.
  • Has engaged in very sketchy campaign finance deals to help his other son, now the governor of Missouri.
  • Is tight with Jack Abramoff, sketchy Republican lobbyist/mob murder facilitator extraordinaire.
  • Illegally accepted a trip from a Korean business council.
    Yeah…gotta love corruption.

  • Unisex Bathrooms

    Brad Plumer says it’s time for them to move beyond Ally McBeal and into real life. Cue Phyllis Schlafly hissy-fit. He has a point, you know. The sexual tension argument against them seems quite homophobic. And as he points out, transgendered persons would suffer a lot less. The main non-nutcase argument against them seems to be that they would lead to an increase in sexual assaults. But it’s not like rapists don’t sneak into lady’s rooms as it is. I’d have no problem with it.


    Seriously, Jerry Falwell’s not even trying to make sense anymore:

    You know when I see somebody burning the flag, I’m a Baptist preacher I’m not a Mennonite, I feel it’s my obligation to whip him. In the name of the Lord of course.

    That last sentence just feels like something the Medium Lobster would say. This and the Robertson-Chavez incident both lead to same question: why do televangelists harbor such bloodlust?

    Good Taste

    Further confirming that Matt Yglesias has the best taste in the blogosphere, it turns out he’s a New Pornographers fan. Ignoring the name, which is great because you can use it to freak people out, they’re Canadian power-pop carried out to perfection. And unlike most bands, their new album (Twin Cinema), especially its title track, is better than its earlier stuff (though both the title track and Letter from an Occupant on Mass Romantic are great). Anyway, buy their stuff. Now.