An Interesting Proposal

This proposal for “universal health care vouchers” is intriguing. It’s totally different from the one proposed in the Washington Monthly a while back. Under this plan, every American is issued a voucher that pays for one family physician. That physician’s pay isn’t based on how many procedures they perform, as in every system currently in place; instead, it bases pay on how healthy the doctor’s patients are. In other words, it’s based on merit pay. This solves two problems at once. First of all, it gives the patient free health care (non-internal medicine is included as well). Secondly, it eliminates the perverse incentive for doctors to overoperate or overmedicate. This strikes as a more fiscally responsible, and more medically responsible, plan that just single-payer. I’m guessing there will be a lot of opposition to the term “voucher”, as there was with the Monthly plan. But as someone who thinks that school vouchers should not only be put in place, but that public schools should be privatized as well, I’m more than open to the idea.

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