Sudan Arrests MSF Workers

Can we intervene now?

Sudan arrested a second aid worker from the Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) aid agency on Tuesday over a report on hundreds of rapes in the troubled Darfur region, the agency said.
Vince Hoedt, Darfur coordinator for MSF Holland, said he was under arrest and police were escorting him to Khartoum.…
MSF Holland country director Paul Foreman, who reported to authorities on Tuesday, is charged with spying, publishing false reports and undermining Sudanese society, MSF said in a statement.
The attorney-general told Reuters the maximum penalty for the charges was three years in prison followed by permanent expulsion from the country.

Our shoddy, racist defense for inaction in these situations has always been that “it doesn’t involve the West”. Well, now it does. One of the world’s premier charities has had two members arrested, undoubtedly to be subjected to torture and worse. Never mind that hundreds of thousands have already died. Whatever reason we had for not intervening is now gone. Bush has already decided that he doesn’t give a damn about the people of Darfur. The only question now is if he even gives a damn about the people of Holland.

2 thoughts on “Sudan Arrests MSF Workers

  1. True, but judging from our responses to Rwanda, Hallabja, Cambodia, India…and basically every other genocide that’s ever happened, I doubt we’d intervene anyway.

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