Matt Yglesias is making the

Matt Yglesias is making the argument that judicial review isn’t necessary for the preservation of liberty. While it is certainly true that this is the case in the U.K., the case he cites, I really do not believe that this would transfer well to the States. First of all, not to make any generalizations, but British politicians generally aren’t as crazy as American ones. Can anyone imagine Michael Howard going to the Isle of Jersey to try and keep a woman on life support? Can anyone imagine the House of Commons passing legislation intending to do just that? Of course not; British politicians are generally sensible people, who guarantee their citizens civil liberties without any pressure whatsoever. The same cannot be said of the Republican leadership in Congress. We practically have to whip them to get them to respect the Constitution and civil rights. If we had a British situation, it would soon devolve into a 1920s Italy situation.

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