Todd Zywicki posts yet again

Todd Zywicki posts yet again about why “intellectual diversity” in academia is necessary for a liberal education (no pun intended). But, like many conservatives, he dodges the question of why there is a lack of “intellectual diversity” in the first place. I think that Pat Moynihan said it best when he commented that “you are entitled to your own opinions, but not to your own facts”. What modern conservatism seems to be all about is the development of one’s own facts. When conservatives didn’t like the facts of global warming, they made their own. When they didn’t like the fact that Saddam didn’t have terror links or WMD, they made their own. And the list goes on. There are some issues where a legitimate difference of opinion exists; most of these are religious social issues, where the fundamental difference is one of faith. But many conservative policies are based on a foundation of lies. These range from tax cuts, to Social Security privatization, to the war in Iraq, to opposition to Kyoto. I could list dozens more. If conservatives are going to be taken seriously in academia, they are going to have to start caring about what’s true and what’s false. After all, that’s what academia is all about.

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