As if we needed another

As if we needed another reason to oppose the Soviets:

New documents found in the files of the former East German intelligence services confirm the 1981 assassination attempt against Pope John Paul II was ordered by the Soviet KGB and assigned to Bulgarian agents, an Italian daily said on Wednesday.

The Corriere della Sera said that the documents found by the German government indicated that the KGB ordered Bulgarian colleagues to carry out the killing, leaving the East German service known as the Stasi to coordinate the operation and cover up the traces afterwards.

Bulgaria then handed the execution of the plot to Turkish extremists, including Mehmet Ali Agca, who pulled the trigger.

Is this enough to put the nail in the coffin of liberation theology? For years, this ideology claimed that Marxism was necessary for the fulfillment of Catholic teachings. Now it appears that the most prominent Marxists in the world ordered the assassination of the leader of Catholicism, presumably for his support of Solidarity in Poland. Is that really fulfilling Catholic teachings? Killing the pope? Disgusting.

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