Starbucks has recently begun putting

Starbucks has recently begun putting famous, thought-provoking quotes on coffee cups, for reasons unknown to basically everyone. Anyway, it seems that conservatives, having the victim complex that they do, seem to think that the quotes are liberally biased. At first I dismissed this as ridiculous, as these people are, after all, idiots. However, I decided to see some of the quotes, just for kicks. I went first to the featured author page. And guess who the first featured author was? Noted liberal Jonah Goldberg. Seriously, Goldberg’s not just a conservative, he’s a stupid-beyond-belief conservative. If anything, lumping him together with the other quotes suggests a conservative bias, as anything thought-provoking that comes out of Goldberg’s mouth is purely accidental. But those Seattle latte-makers just have to be liberal. They sound too French not to be.

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