I usually don’t recommend the

I usually don’t recommend the use of hypocrisy as a campaign point. It comes off as quibbling, and distracts voters from the real issues, which is where Democrats really win. Whereas the Republicans are seen as the strong, formidable party whose positions are largely opposed by the populace, our views are popular, but we are seen as wimpy. However, what seems to be blowing up recently is just incredible. First, it was revealed that Tom DeLay, facing a situation similar to that of Terri Shiavo, chose to remove his father from life support, committing an act that he would later call “medical terrorism”. Dwight Meredith (hat-tip Kevin Drum) has discovered that, among other things, President Bush once sued Enterprise Rent-A-Car because of a car accident one of the twins was a part of, Rick Santorum’s wife sued her chiropractor for pain and suffering, and Arnold Schwarzennegger has engaged in forum shopping. These are the Republicans of “tort reform” fame. I have long held that my problem with the Republican party is not its ideology. After all, if I didn’t respect someone because of their ideology, I wouldn’t respect anyone, considering the eccentricity of my opinions. My problem with the Republican party is its severe incompetence, corruption, and sleaziness. Now the party can’t even claim to have a consistent ideology at all. It doesn’t stand for anything except bribery, lies, and negligence. They don’t care about America. They don’t care about our soldiers, our tired, our poor, our sick. They just care about their own power, and will do anything, even deny their core principles, to get it. This is the party that is ruling America. I think that explains basically everything that has happened over the past four years.

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