I’m back, and, yes, I

I’m back, and, yes, I did see the Oscars. I’ve haven’t seen Million Dollar Baby, but judging from the three Best Picture nominees I have seen (Sideways, Ray, and The Aviator), Ray was clearly the best of them. Sideways was mildly amusing, but blindingly obvious, and the Maya character was so one-dimensional it made me want to scream. The Aviator was perfectly well-made, but there didn’t really seem to be a point to any of it. But I have long been a Scorsese partisan, so seeing Marty lose the directing award (to another freaking actor! First Robert Redford won for Ordinary People, robbing it from Scorsese for Raging Bull. Then Kevin Costner won for Dancing with Volves, robbing it from Scorsese for Goodfellas. Then Mel Gibson won for Braveheart, robbing it from Scorsese for Casino. Gah!!!!) was quite disappointing. But overall, the show was great. Chris Rock was his normal hilarious self; the Fahrenheit 9/11 section was great, as well as the section on “films so bad that they make you worry about the financial situation of the actors in them.” However, I must say that the “if you can’t find a star, just wait” section was tiresome. But it’s still fun to see wingers proving, once again that they can’t take a joke (how dare the Academy ignore an obscure Dutch filmmaker! how dare they!).

P.S. For more winger fun, see John Hinderaker, one of Time‘s bloggers of the year, waxing fascist, and Ann Coulter proving that she is the most ignorant person on television.

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