All that I’ve ever wanted

All that I’ve ever wanted to say about the right-wing blogosphere is said here by Kevin Drum:

THE VOICE OF THE RIGHT….Instapundit, in late January:

When Ted Kennedy can make an absurd and borderline-traitorous speech on the war….well, this [Ward Churchill] is the authentic face of the Left. Or what remains of it.

Power Line, two weeks ago:

Jimmy Carter isn’t just misguided or ill-informed. He’s on the other side.

New York State GOP Chairman Stephen Minarik, yesterday:

The Democrats simply have refused to learn the lessons of the past two election cycles, and now they can be accurately called the party of Barbara Boxer, Lynne Stewart, and Howard Dean


While I’ve defended Stewart, these people clearly think she’s guilty, and thus are consciously calling Democrats terrorist symps. The MSM’s “blog of the year” has called an ex-POTUS a traitor, and the most influential blogger online has called a great American statesman the same. This is the voice of the right, and it’s disgusting.

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