Better late than never. Kevin

Better late than never. Kevin Drum titles a recent post as follows:


Well, yes, yes it is in fact. I, and other people, have been saying that for some time now, but it’s nice to see that the blogosphere is finally catching on. But it’s important to realize that not only is al-Qaeda a paper tiger, but terrorism in general is, in regards to the United States. Terrorism simply doesn’t pose the kind of threat to us that it does to, say, Israel. Don’t get me wrong; it could very well become a serious threat, if armed appropriately (i.e. with biological or nuclear weapons; with port security in the state it’s in, it’s not as unlikely as one would think), and a fundamental change in Muslim hearts and minds is thus necessary to prevent it from reaching a tipping point. But as of today, terrorism is not a significant threat to the national security of the United States, and should not be treated like it is.

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