So I was getting pretty

So I was getting pretty bored, as there’s not much interesting in the blogosphere right now, so I decided to investigate a little further into this whole flat tax idea. Using graphs (everyone loves graphs)! So, lo and behold, my first graph:

This is a graph of the percentage of a family of four’s income that is collected in taxes under both the Armey-Shelby flat tax proposal, and the current tax code (using the standard deduction). It only covers the incomes of the middle class. As can be seen, the current tax code, even with Bush’s revisions, is easier on families until they start making more than $45,000 dollars or so. As the median income for a family of four in the U.S. is $62,000, this shows that a significant amount of Americans would indeed do worse under a flat tax. Who would gain, then? Well, let’s look at our next graph:

This is the same graph we looked at before, expanded to include all incomes from $0 a year to $500,000 a year. And no, you are not seeing funny. The richest 1% will see their taxes nearly cut in half if a flat tax is passed. The flat tax isn’t about tax simplification, or ending “discrimination”. It’s about helping the rich, pure and simple.

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