I’m numb. Physically, mentally, emotionally

I’m numb. Physically, mentally, emotionally numb. I had somewhat expected this in 2002. I was more prepared then. But this is devastating. We were winning. In the exit polls, in the phone polls, in everything. But we lost. Bush became the first candidate since his father in 1988 to win a majority of the popular vote. Kerry has conceded. It’s over. I don’t know how we could have been so wrong. My conspiratorial side wants to say that the vote was manipulated. My press critic side makes me skeptical of the methodology of the exit polls. But in the end, we should have seen it coming. The Republicans gained in 2002, the first time the White House’s party has gained seats during a midterm election since 1934. There has been in a shift to the right in this country. Depressing? Yes. Sickening? Yes. But the great thing about America is that the majority isn’t all powerful. The minority, in this case we Democrats, also have some say.

The Republicans gained in the Senate, yes, but they’re only at 55-45; they haven’t broken 60. And as Jimmy Stewart taught us, the filibuster is the great equalizer of American politics. We can, with the right party discipline, prevent any major changes from occurring during Bush’s second term. At the very least, we’d be preventing any further harm. Is this crass? Yes. Slightly immoral? Yep. More than a little undemocratic? You bet. But it’s necessary. Sandra Day O’Connor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and John Paul Stevens, not to mention William Rehnquist, will all likely leave the court. Those are three pro-Roe vs. Wade, pro-Lawrence vs. Texas , pro-Lemon vs. Kurtzman justices who could leave. And with the current standing of the former two cases at 6-3, and the latter at only about 5-4, the replacement of even one progressive justice with a conservative could wreck our nation socially. So if Bush nominates someone who shows even a hint of opposition to any of those decision, we’ll slaughter them in the Senate. Slaughter. Filibuster, and filibuster, and filibuster until the leadership attempts to change the filibuster rules, and then we’ll filibuster the changes. We have to do what we did to Bork in 1987. We need nothing short of absolute victory in the Supreme Court. As God is our witness, no federalist will make it past the Senate.

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