Being the best blogger online

Being the best blogger online is one thing; creating a new unit of measure is quite another:

Edward_ at Obsidian Wings laments that a Google search for “Obsidian Wings” nets only 33,000 hits compared to 127,000 for David Brooks. Actually, though, that strikes me as pretty decent, considering how long Brooks has been around and how many high-profile outlets he has for his writing.

But that made me curious, so I entered “Kevin Drum.” Result: 143,000 hits. Not bad!

And that in turn gave me an idea: I propose that we formalize this as a measure of Internet Fame (IF): 127,000 Google hits is equal to one “brooksie.

I’m not high on the brooksie scale, as you probably know – 5.65 millibrooksies (thousandths of brooksies), to be exact. But this is big. This could be incredibly useful in measuring sites; Brooks is right smack dab in the middle of name recognition, so he’s the perfect person to base it on. Besides, it’s a more esoteric system than the English one, and that has got to count for something.

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