Will Saletan has probably the

Will Saletan has probably the best piece that can possibly be written about Bush and the Guard. His summary:

In short, Bush has pulled Guard troops away from their homeland security duties to fight and die in a war unrelated to the service for which they enlisted. A guardsman who did less than he signed up for is coercing other guardsmen to do more than they signed up for.

Read the whole thing; it’s worth it. This is why Bush’s guard service matters – he’s exploited the institution twice in his life. In the 1960s, he used it to avoid serving his country in Vietnam (before you call me a hypocrite, I find Clinton’s draft dodging despicable as well). In the 2000s, he’s using it to increase the number of troops in another unnecessary war. Guards(wo)men everywhere should be outraged at this utter lack of respect for the institution. It’s disgusting, vile, and unbecoming of a president.

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