Dan Drezner notes that Alan

Dan Drezner notes that Alan Keyes has now joined Zell Miller in opposition to the 17th amendment. I don’t see why people see this opposition as so radical. The most effective branch of our government, the judiciary, is primarily appointed as opposed to elected, and acts more reasonably, and freely, than the rest of the government. If you don’t believe me, consider 1954. Any poll of the electorate would have shown great hostility to the idea of desegregation. But the Warren court had the courage, and insight, to unanimously order it. That couldn’t have happened if the Supreme Court had been elected. And I have reason to believe that acts just as great would occur in the Senate if the 17th amendment is repealed. Don’t get me wrong; I despise Zell Miller and Alan Keyes, and just about everything they stand for. I simply believe that government would be more effective if the 17th amendment was gone.

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