So apparently the EPA thinks

So apparently the EPA thinks people who have fuel efficient cars are crazy. Yeah, it really is nutty to not want to send money to an evil dictatorship, isn’t it? And wanting to stop climate change that, by some estimates, could sink Holland by 2007 and force the world into nuclear conflict and a second ice age is cooky, ain’t it? And, silly me, I thought the EPA was supposed to protect the environment. What a ridiculous idea.

So the blog topic du

So the blog topic du jour seems to be our Vice President’soutburst at Pat Leahy, the Senator next door (I’m on the border between New Hampshire and Vermont, and though technically a New Hampshire resident, I consider myself to be more of a Vermonter). I find it odd that he told Leahy to “go f**k” himself, as social conservatives such as Cheney usually don’t like people doing that. But anyway, that’s not the point. The point is that Cheney can’t handle criticism about Halliburton. This is no surprise, of course, as there is no defense for what he did. You’ve sunk so far, Dick. Hard to imagine you sinking lower.

P.S. I’m with Juan! Fine Cheney for swearing! After all, as he’s still receiving compensation from Halliburton, he won’t be strapped for cash.

It appears that Congressman Jim

It appears that Congressman Jim DeMint [R-SC] has beaten former Governor David Beasley [R-SC] in the Republican South Carolina U.S. Senate runoff. DeMint will face State Supervisor of Education Inez Tenenbaum [D-SC] in the general election on November 2nd. The race is for the open seat vacated by 82-year-old U.S. Senator Fritz Hollings, a man I thoroughly despise for his anti-Semitism and his hate of technology. For what it’s worth, I’m glad that DeMint won, as Beasley opposes free trade, and, more importantly, DeMint will lose to Tenenbaum harder than Beasley would have. Prepare for the return of Majority Leader Daschle!

P.S. MrLiberal notes that Inez Tenenbaum opposes free trade. To paraphrase Brian Griffin, “Why are the successful ones always so dumb?”

I just saw John Podesta

I just saw John Podesta on Fox News (Your Source for Evil) talking with the infamous Bill O’Reilly. If this is the best rebuttal we have to O’Reilly, we’re one sad party. Podesta was inarticulate, used the word “uh” more than any other, and based much of his argument against O’Reilly on two of his statements: one calling Eric Alterman a confidante to Fidel Castro, that even I consider to be done in jest, and another comparing Michael Moore to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels, which really was quite horrid. But despite the inappropriateness of the latter comparison, and Bill O’Reilly’s lame excuse (“I was just giving an example of a propagandist.”), Podesta stutters his way through the obvious rebuttal (that comparing anyone who hasn’t served in a genocidal government to a Nazi is unfair, and trivializes the atrocities of the Nazis), and convinces no one. Could we get someone articulate on that show for once? I have my favorite.

On another topic close to

On another topic close to Comic Book Guy’s heart, Seven of Nine has made some very nasty accusations against her ex-husband, the family-values Republican Jack Ryan, who has been chosen to lose the Illinois U.S. Senate race on November 2nd to Democrat Barack Obama. In Jack Ryan’s mind, gay marriage is destroying the American family, but there’s nothing wrong with having sex in public in S&M clubs. The Bush team should be having some troubles with this, not because of the sex, as one of the people who inspected weapons in Iraq before the war for them has a bit of an S&M issue, but because one of the clubs was in Paris. Jack Ryan must hate America! Idiots. P.S. Thanks to Dan Drezner for alerting me to the fact that Jeri Ryan was Seven of Nine.