Imperial Hubris’ anonymous author has

Imperial Hubris‘ anonymous author has been identified by the Boston Phoenix. He’s a CIA officer named Michael Scheuer, who ran Alec, the CIA’s bin Laden station, from 1996 to 1999. He might be fired, but I don’t have much empathy due to this passage from this interview he gave to Spencer Ackerman (via Kevin Drum):

To secure as much of our way of life as possible, we will have to use military force in the way Americans used it on the fields of Virginia and Georgia, in France and on Pacific islands, and from skies over Tokyo and Dresden. Progress will be measured by the pace of killing….

Killing in large numbers is not enough to defeat our Muslim foes. With killing must come a Sherman-like razing of infrastructure. Roads and irrigation systems; bridges, power plants, and crops in the field; fertilizer plants and grain mills — all these and more will need to be destroyed to deny the enemy its support base….[S]uch actions will yield large civilian casualties, displaced populations, and refugee flows. Again, this sort of bloody-mindedness is neither admirable nor desirable, but it will remain America’s only option so long as she stands by her failed policies toward the Muslim world.


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