Atrios links to this Roger

Atrios links to this Roger Ailes post, attacking Peggy Noonan for allowing her teenage son to drink beer. First of all, Mr. Ailes can’t do math. He says that the son, who Noonan said in an article was 11 in 1998, is 18 or 19 at the oldest. He can’t be 19. If he were 19, he would have been born in 1984, or 1985. If he was born in 1984, he would have been 13 at the youngest in 1998, and if he was born in 1985, he would have been 12 at the youngest in 1998. He must be 17 or 18. Now, on to the substance of the accusation. First off, this isn’t some kid; he’s in his late teens. Second off, his parent is purchasing the alcohol for him. While technically illegal, this isn’t exactly “delinquency”. For once, I’m on Nonner’s side.

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