Via DemFromCT, the Green Party

Via DemFromCT, the Green Party has nominated lawyer David Cobb as their presidential candidate. Cobb, a Texas native who moved to California for his presidential bid, has promised to help defeat President Bush by following a “safe state” strategy of only campaigning in non-swing states. Cobb had no opponent for the nomination of the party, but there was pressure from Ralph Nader’s followers to nominate no one, and instead endorse Nader, giving him ballot access in at least twenty-two states. This is being perceived as a huge defeat for Nader. I prefer to see it as a win for the Greens; Cobb’s main goal is to grow the party in a way that doesn’t reelect Bush. I support both of those propositions. Personally, I’m partial to third parties. I think that the two-party system can leave people from the left, center, right, and top (if you have a better analogy for libertarianism, I’d love to hear it) without a voice, and that third parties can help fix that. Thinking more cynically, a large Green party could help steer the Democratic party clear of the DLC, and keep us from doing stupid “centrist” things like trying to use tax credits to cure the health care problem, and trying to use tax credits to cure the daycare problem. Basically, trying to use tax credits to cure everything. Anyway, I’m very pleased with the results of the convention.

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