The Daily Kos just sinks

The Daily Kos just sinks lower and lower. Calling Iraq a “holy war”? Comparing Bush to Hitler? That’s just too far. Regardless of what you think about going to war, the war was fought because of alleged WMD, and one cranky general doesn’t change that. And comparing a U.S. president, albeit an extremely incompetent one, to one of worst genocidal maniacs that society has ever faced trivializes the suffering of all Holocaust victims. They deserve an apology.

I’m really torn on the

I’m really torn on the Colorado Senate race. On the one hand, Attorney General Ken Salazar seems more electable, as he’s moderate, and Mike Miles, as a liberal Deaniac in a very conservative state, doesn’t seem to stand a chance against beer giant Pete Coors or ex-Congressman Bob Schaeffer. But Mike Miles, as a person, just seems impossible to oppose. Everything he’s done, it seems, has been to serve his country and his community. He attended West Point and is a former Army Ranger; he was a Foreign Service Officer who rose to be the special assistant to the Ambassador to Russia, Tom Pickering, at the end of the Cold War; he currently is a principal who turned around a failing middle school. He, at least to me, is the American hero incarnate. I can’t oppose that!