I’ve decided to make a

I’ve decided to make a new section on this site. Every Wednesday, from today to whenever I run out of topics, I will write a piece laying out what the next president should do. When I say “next president”, assume I mean Kerry and not Bush. I’m not that naive. And not Nader either. I’m not that ignorant. So, here goes the first…HEALTH CARE!!!!

I propose the creation of the Medical Insurance Agency (MIA, pun intended). The MIA would fund all protected groups’ medical care, including prescription drugs, through a single-payer system, which regular citizens would be allowed to buy into. The protected groups would be: children from birth to age 25; current and former members of the military; people counted as disabled under the Americans with Disabilities Act; people making less than 150% of the poverty rate; Native Americans; federal employees; and senior citizens aged 65 and older. I realize that the ADA portion is a considerable chunk, but disabled persons, be they parapalegics or HIV-positive persons, have considerably higher medical bills than able-bodied persons, and it is thus essential that they be covered. For those 40 years during which most people would be uninsured, their catastrophic care costs would be covered, with all expenses over $10,000 being paid for through the MIA. The MIA would also use it’s huge buying power to purchase drugs on the cheap, à la Canada. In my view, the MIA would throw away the cobweb that is government-run healthcare, and replace it with an efficient, fair, alternative.

Look what I’ve made myself

Look what I’ve made myself do: explain why liberals hate Bush. What a pickle. It’s the thing that no liberals really want to do, as it makes you sound extreme, radical, or otherwise wacky. But I think it’s high time now. So here goes nothing. First of all, it’s not the ideology. We love Ol’ Johnnie McCain, and he’s almost as conservative as Bush. It’s not the personality that turns us off, either: he’s not a slimy used car salesman-type like some people, and, lest Kos beat me, he doesn’t seem to be a jerk (he doesn’t seem that nice either, but nevermind). No, it’s something that, really, is not his fault. It’s his brain. Now I know you’re now thinking I’m a 6-year-old whose most most sophisticated criticism is “you’re stupid”. But here’s the crucial part – liberals don’t really hate Bush! We think it’s horrible to have three whole books published chronicling his verbal mistakes. We feel only pity for him. For he’s being exploited. He’s been drawn into a puppet government against his will, and he’s being made to do things that he didn’t want to do. That is wrong, that is evil, and whoever made him run for president should be ashamed. So we don’t hate Bush. We hate the Bush Administration. Remember that.

Is it just me, or

Is it just me, or is the conventional media taking blogging stories more seriously? I started noticing it two weeks ago, when Time ran this story (subscription only), recounting the actuary scandal and the Medicare Bribe scandal, which were broken by Atrios and Chatterbox, respectively. Now, this week, Time’s People section has taken up Atrios’s story on a bored kid at a Bush rally, which CNN blatantly lied about. I’m sure Atrios is grumbling about the fact that it’s basically on the back page, but this is not that big of a deal. Anyway, I think that this is not justing showing that reporters read blogs: it’s showing that they get liberal viewpoints more. It’s a whole different world when editorial cartoonists
and nationally-known politicians can, for better or worse, express what we liberals have been saying for three years: that Cheney is the real president. Proving this is a whole other issue (which I’ll address in my next post), but the fact that it, and the claim that Bush could have stopped 9-11, are getting wider press suggests a greater national tolerance for liberalism. This will help clear the the way for a Kerry victory in November.