Long time no see. Almost

Long time no see. Almost two weeks. Wow. Anyway, I’ve been on vacation, and started what is probably the best book by a neocon ever written: Of Paradise and Power by Bob Kagan. Kagan’s a fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a friend of Bill Kristol (yes, ew), and probably the most brilliant foreign policy expert alive. The book’s on U.S.-Europe relations, a hot topic after the US. diplomacy failure at the U.N. It was written before we went into Iraq, so its references to the “possible” war there are quite amusing, but other than that it is simply brilliant word for word. Despite the neocon premises, and the attacks on Europe, it is persuasive, and really brings out the hawk in you. So, go ahead. Give it a shot. Sometimes neocons are right too.

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