I’ve had enough. I’ve had

I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough of Richard Clarke running up and down D.C., scheduling appearances on the Sunday morning talk shows, the news magazines, the morning shows, and basically anything else he can find. His accusations against Bush are ridiculous, offensive, and very, very annoying. First of all, smell the coffee people: Clinton had 8 years after the first World Trade Center bombing to do something about al-Qaeda. Lobbing a few missiles into Sudan isn’t going to cut it. Little public support is no excuse: 81% of Americans opposed his peso plan, but it was one of his greatest successes. Bush is not the only guilty party: Clinton failed as well. And Clinton was the only one for whom an invasion of Afghanistan would have stopped 9-11: the plans would have gone on in a Bush invasion, as they were already made by the time Bush entered office. So with an invasion ruled out, what could Bush have done, anyway? Put fighter jets around every tall building in the country? Just putting them around the World Trade Centers wouldn’t cut it: the hijackers would have simply chosen a different site to destroy. And, even if he put fighter jets around every tall building, what would happen when no terrorists try to fly planes into them? Would the planes just stay there for eternity, spending ridiculous amounts of money? The only plausible thing that Bush could have done after the August 6th memo was up airplane security. Yes, he should have done this. I blame him for that. But besides that, he couldn’t have done anything. So, Dick, please stop. It’d be better for everyone.

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