CalPundit has a little post

CalPundit has a little post about what Bush’s own people think about unemployment, from a Hastert advisor, who says “no one should be happy about these numbers”, to Scott McClellan, who says “people are still hurting”, to Greg Mankiw, John Snow, and Dubya himself saying that they are “not satisfied”. Wow. Dem’s fighting words. Dem’s very curious fighting words. Why on earth they would be emphasizing this is beyond me.

Sorry for the wait everyone.

Sorry for the wait everyone. Today, I was browsing Amazon, and decided that there’s a simple formula for bestselling political book titles:

Lying Traitors: How the (Insert ‘Liberals’ or ‘Conservatives’ here) Run the Media, Hurt the Country, and How (Insert ‘George W. Bush’ or ‘Bill Clinton’) Eats Babies.

Obviously, this is not going to persuade anyone, and only serves the purpose of funding unlikable pundits from both sides of the aisle.

But as a political junkie, I feel the need to read political books, but I need something more substantial than Al Franken or Molly Ivins. Eric Alterman seems good, but “What Liberal Media?” and “The Book on Bush” both have titles that seem juvenile, and make me worry about the content. Paul Krugman was good, but he’s given up his Princeton-prestige for the mudthrowing substance-free rhetoric of Joe Conason et al. Noam Chomsky has an academic writing style that’s quite attractive, but his anti-Semitic conspiracy theories are, well, I don’t think I need to finish this sentence. We seriously need a serious journalist, or academic, who’s willing to write worthwhile, useful liberal books. Only then will this insane rhetoric end.