Everyday I’m reminded of why

Everyday I’m reminded of why I love Newsweek. The articles are well written, authoritative, and willing to actually break news. But more than that, its columnists are fantastic. Fareed Zakaria gives some of the best international relations commentary around, and, with Fred Kaplan writing only semi-frequently, and Foreign Affairs, despite being brilliant, being very hard on the head, he’s the most consistent source for such commentary anywhere. Jonathan Alter gives incredible American political analysis. It gets down to core philosophical subjects often, and covers them well, which makes for a more intellectually stimulating experience than reading just about politics. And Anna Quindlen will blog whether she wants to or not. Her pieces are poignant, personal, and define what it means to be a liberal. Also, she’s undeniably intelligent – Barnard College freshman at age 12. Overall, Newsweek has the best columnists in print. Period.

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