So, Veep speculation fever has

So, Veep speculation fever has hit the blogosphere. I suppose I should join in on the fun. Personally, I think that the Veep spot is a no-brainer, even though I have a few sentimental favorites (And yes, I know that both would lead to much confusion, the former in names, the latter in constitutional law.) So, I’ve decided to make my picks for…(drumroll please)…the CABINET! Here they are:

Secretary of State: Richard Holbrooke

Secretary of the Treasury: Max Sawicky

Secretary of Defense: Max Cleland

Attorney General: Bill Shaheen

Secretary of the Interior: Deb Callahan

Secretary of Agriculture: Jane Henney

Secretary of Commerce: Joe Lieberman

Secretary of Labor: Dick Gephardt

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Bill Bradley

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Gavin Newsom

Secretary of Transportation: Jim Oberstar

Secretary of Energy: Mark Udall

Secretary of Education: Jeanne Shaheen

Secretary of Veterans Affairs: John McCain

Secretary of Homeland Security: Richard Clarke

Now, you’ll soon notice that on some of these (Agriculture, for instance) I just randomly got a related Clinton appointee because the post is so obscure that no person outside that field would have a pick. But for the most part, I think these are fair predictions.

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