Great article in the latest

Great article in the latest Foreign Affairs. I only started reading the magazine yesterday, but I love it. Of all the articles I’ve read about reconstruction in Iraq and Afghanistan, this Larry Korb piece is the only one that actually tells why reconstruction is not going as well as we had hoped. He traces it to the end of Vietnam, when military police, medical personnel, and other “extraneous” workers were placed in the Reserve forces. These workers are the bread and butter of reconstruction efforts, and thus need to be on active duty if we are to succeed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The article also points out one side-effect of bringing in so many reserve troops – our defense capability at home is compromised, as many reservists are also paramedics, policemen, and firefighters. This kind of intelligent analysis is severely lacking in major rags like Newsweek and Time, and, until they pick it up, I’m sticking with Foreign Affairs for commentary.

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