Again, I apologize for the

Again, I apologize for the delay. Okay, post I’ve been meaning to do for a while: the dilemma of Andrew Sullivan. Whether or not to like Sullivan is a serious dilemma in the eyes of a pro-gay liberal like myself. Understandably, his views on gay marriage, adoption, hate-crimes, and employment discrimination are all right on mark with everything I believe. But as Calpundit points out, his hypocrisy is mind-boggling. And sometimes, his logic is downright laughable. For example, in February, he got extremely worked up about the fact that Clinton actually used legal methods to try to capture Osama bin Laden in the 90s. What horror! And I get extremely annoyed with people who blame Clinton for this sort of thing. In the 90s, bin Laden was considered by NO ONE to be a serious threat – even the Republicans who are now bombarding Clinton with accusations. It is ridiculous to attack Clinton for not illegally killing bin Laden when Bush had intelligence suggesting that bin Laden was planning a major attack on the U.S. – and Clinton didn’t. Also, it expresses ignorance about something more fundamental – that terrorism is extremely rare. 9-11 was a statistical anomaly; more people die from malnutrition each year than die from terrorism, even in 2001. Each year, influenza kills over 80,000 people. That’s 26 times the amount killed by terrorism in 2001. And while we spend billions each year trying to prevent terrorism, and even have a whole cabinet department devoted to it, mere millions could provide doctors with the technology to incredibly quickly build flu vaccines for each years strain – as soon as the strain comes out. This is opposed to the 8 month wait currently in place. Please, President Bush, spend the money on that.

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